Orcazine presents educational orca-poster

poster met curl webNow it is very easy to get people quickly and clearly informed about orcas. Orcazine publishes a handy infographic at poster size. Ideal for schools, museums, whale-watch organizations and indeed indispensable for every orcaholic!

The idea was born during the preparations for the first issue of Orcazine. To provide the readers with basic knowledge quickly, an infographic is created to be published in the magazine. We made it already available as a poster in our webshop in various sizes and paper types. The posters are of very high quality and of course available worldwide. There is both an English and a Dutch version.

The text and design are done by Leonard Boekee. Some illustrations are made by Uko Gorter (www.ukogorter.com). Astrid van Ginneken, Annemieke Podt, Andy Foote and Uko Gorter gave valuable suggestions and comments on the content. Furthermore, we thank Stuart Shipp and Laura ten Seldam for translating.

The revenue of the Orcazine Webshop will be used for expenses and future productions to pay. Support our initiative to inform the world about orcas and buy this unique poster!

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